Lisa Fraszewski

Main focus: Philosophy

Twitter handle: @reisephilosoph


Languages: German, English

City: Münster

Country: Germany

Topics: happiness in life, social media


Most people don't take me that seriously, because I am a bit young. I am 25, but I already did a lot of things.
After deciding to study history and philosophy, instead of german und englisch, to become a journalist, instead of a teacher - my family was kind of disappointed. I didn't choose the right way... They feared, I get lost. Well, from their perspective I maybe did - but not from mine. From my perspective I really found my way.
Since then I am working as a freelancer in journalism (tv, radio, print, online) and a producer for videos and short films. This year I was invited to speak at the Karstadt Service-Center, a huge job for me - still a waist of time for my grandmother.
So, maybe I am not an expert in how to make films (because there are people much more educated), or the best journalist (quite better people there, too), but I am definitely an expert about how to go your own way - no matter how painful it can be. And on things for sure: It really was painful.