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Leonie Seng

Philosophy, media ethics, AI
My websites/blogs:

My topics:

psychology ethics neuroscience artificial intelligence philosophy media ethics

My Profession:

Philosophy, Ethics

My languages:

English French German Spanish

My bio:

* Scientific Assistant at University of Education, Ludwigsburg

* Master of Arts in "Philosophy" and "Ethics of textual Cultures" (Erlangen/ Nürnberg)

* Bachelor of Arts in "Philosophy, Neuroscience, Cognition" (Magdeburg)

* Journalist

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Current challenges of ethics of artificial intelligence or: old wine in new bottles

When Robots Think. Interdisciplinary Views on Intelligent Automation, Münster.

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The power of science fiction and is potential influence on discussions about real developments in Artificial Intelligence.

ASCA International Worksop 2019 on Realities and Fanasies, Amsterdam.

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On the technical and ethical ambivalence of artificial intelligence

Select LanguageGerman

Artificial intelligence: What is it and ethical consequences

Select LanguageGerman

Annual meeting of the Interdisciplinary Media Ethics Center 2019

Talk about the status of ethical and juridical assertions and consequences for ethics of artificial intelligence.

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