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Leonie Seng

Leonie Seng
Philosophy (mainly ancient philosophy, (media) ethics, neuroethics), psychology, podcasting, radio, journalism (techniques, style, rules etc.), Kommunikation
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German English French Spanish

My bio:

* Master of Arts in "Philosophy" and "Ethics of textual Cultures" (Erlangen/ Nürnberg)

* Bachelor of Arts in "Philosophy, Neuroscience, Cognition" (Magdeburg)

* Science Journalist for Südwestrundfunk and Deutschlandfunk (amongst others)

Examples of previous talks / appearances:


Podcast for academic philosophy "ProtreptiCast" (mainly in german, partly in english)

Blog via "Scilogs": "Feuerwerk der Neuronen"

Topics: Neuroscience, philosophy, psychology (partly in english)

Profile via "Wissenschafts-Pressekonferenz e.V."


Account via twitter: @Kalleo_p

(mainly german, partly english, partly french, partly spanish)

Publications via "Deutschlandfunk"

For "Forschung aktuell" and "Sprechstunde" (german)

Publications via ""

Topics: Neuroscience, Psychology, Cytology (german)

"Von Bienchen und Blümchen"

Researcher of the Stuttgarter "Hochschule für Technik" are developping an App with which people can identify and locate domestic flowering plants to help bees finding food. For Stuttgarter Zeitung "Entdecken", 22th of March 2015. (german)

" 'FuckUp Night': die Nacht des Scheiterns"

Young entrepreneurs talk about their financial breakdowns and how to learn from them. For Südwestrundfunk "Impuls",13th of Feb. 2015. (german)

"Vernetzte Senioren"

How to introduce older people to tablet, smartphone, E-Mail and co. For Südwestrundfunk "Impuls", 19th of Feb. 2015. (german)


Evolutionary research with lariophagus distinguendus. For Südwestrundfunk "Impuls", 16th of Feb. 2015. (german)

"Kadir Kayas 'Ezgi Musik-Ecke' - die türkische Musikschule in Stuttgart"

Kurds, Turks and Circassian people make music together in Kadir Kayas "Ezgi Musik-Ecke". For Südwestrundfunk "Cluster", 13th of Feb. 2015. (german)

"Senioren lernen Tablets schätzen"

How to introduce older people to tablet, smartphone, E-Mail and co. For Stuttgarter Zeitung "Entdecken", 9th of March 2015. (german)