Lena Engeln

Main focus: Online Marketing

Languages: German, English

City: Berlin

Country: Germany

Topics: facebook, onlinemarketingforstartups, pop culture, google adwords, music industry, festivals, music & media, online marketing, social media, music business women, social media monitoring


Born in '89 and raised in Lower Saxony, Lena Engeln lives in Berlin, and arrived there via detours through Turkey, Leipzig, Hanover, and other locations. Gathering along the way many interesting experiences - for example in consumer insights & market research at Warner Music. She has also always organised concerts, and focused on online marketing for these offline activities. Having spent a year at a Hanoverian online marketing agency, and with a Masters Degree in "Media and Music" in her pocket, she is now an online campaign manager at the Berlin music startup gigmit.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Survival: Hunting and gathering audiences on and offline

Digital audiences are not defined by geography, they are not constrained by passport controls, by currency borders, by FM signal coverage, they roam free in massive amorphous herds, defined by shifting culture, genre, and demographic allegiances. Are artists free to follow the great audience herds, to traps them, nurture them, harvest them, and live symbiotically with them; or are sophisticated global trading companies organising and corralling the herds, leaving artists to conform to an industrial model, or starve?

This talk is in: English