Leli Schiestl

Main focus: Women* in STEM

Twitter handle: @leli_gibts_scho

Languages: English, German

City: Berlin

Country: Germany

Topics: women in stem, women and technology, cryptoparty, hackerspaces, diversity in tech, diversity in physics, leds, women in physics


As a trained physicist I work on increasing women* and girls* participation in STEM. I was the project coordinator of Diversity in the Cultures of Physics (an Erasmus+ project) that aims to create spaces for women in physics. As part of this project we published a lesson plan series: Reflections on Gender & Physics.
I also was coordinating the MINToring project to encourage girls* in physics and computer science.

In my spare time I am part of the women* hackspace Heart of Code e.V. in Berlin and the bigger network of F.U.C.K. (Frauen* und Computer Kram - Women and Computer Stuff). I am involved with cryptoparty Berlin, where we organize workshops to teach and share knowledge about encryption and digital self defense. I coach at codecurious (former RailsGirls Berlin) to get more women into programming.
And I am absolutely obsessed with everything LED. Here is a link to my LED-Twitter.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

F.U.C.K. Germany - FNTI* und Computer Kram
Video Thumbnail

Vortrag über feministische Hackspaces auf der GPN18

This talk is in: German
GoFlamingo - VPN

For GoFlamingo I sat down with Cat and we talked about VPNs.

This talk is in: English
GoFlamingo - Secure Search

For GoFlamingo I sat down with Cat and we talked about Secure Search.

This talk is in: English
EnthusiastiCon 2018 - LED's dance
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I gave a talk about the LED dress I made at EnthusiasiCon 2018. Unfortunalty there is no video of my wearing the dress but only the slides.

This talk is in: English
Maker_innen Challenge
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Für die Conrad Maker(_innen) Challenge wurde ein Video über die Heart of Code und unsere Projekte gemacht.

This talk is in: German
Digital security, privacy and encryption for everyone

At re:publica in 2019 we had a talk on encryption and privacy

This talk is in: English