Laurie Barth

Main focus: Software Engineering

Twitter handle: @laurieontech

Languages: English

City: Washington, DC

Country: United States

Topics: development, software engineering


Laurie Barth is a software engineer at Ten Mile Square Technologies, a small consulting firm that tackles problems anywhere in the business-to-technology lifecycle. Previously, Laurie worked as a program manager for the DOD. She graduated from Johns Hopkins with a Masters in Computer Science and has an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Franklin & Marshall College. In her free time she can be found doing puzzles, playing board games, and trying a new Escape Room.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

The Tablecloth Trick: Modernization without Customer Process Disruption
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Lessons learned from legacy system updates.

This talk is in: English
Tech for the Non-Technical
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Everyone has blindspots. For developers it is often taking for granted certain technical skill sets. So what happens when you need to build a system for people without those skills? How do you adjust? What do you use as a reference point for common knowledge? How do you get out of your own head?

This talk will tell a story of a project where we attempted to do just that. What we learned. What challenges we faced. And how our final system took into account all of our experiences.

This talk is in: English