Larisa Tsvetkova

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Sustainability & Inclusion

My bio:

Contributing to sustainable city making by inspiring people to act for change is the biggest aim of my work. Architectural background helps me think practical and process-oriented while concentrating on ideas and visions for the future. I focus on sustainable urban development, cooperative housing , self-organization and inclusion. In Berlin I find endless stories and new motivation every day: this city demontrates real examples of creative sustainability and innovative approaches that are still just a theory in most places in the world.

I was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia where I studied and worked as an architect before going to Germany to start a master program. In 2012 I finished my master Thesis on "Shared Living" at Dessau International Architecture Graduate School (DIA) and moved to Berlin where I continued to work in architectural field as well as in education and networking. During my master studies I was focusing rather on architectural software than on the hardware, which logically led to my work with do-it-yourself, do-it-together projects at id22. Since the beginning of 2015 I am out of traditional architectural practice and back to the DIA as a research associate, which gives me an opportunity to connect two different approaches of an international university in Dessau and a multidisciplinary institute in Berlin.