Kristin Reinbach

Main focus: Creativity & Business

Twitter handle: @overw_eight


Languages: English, French, German

City: Starnberg

Country: Germany

Topics: user experience design, customer centricity, entrepreneurship, business models, customer experience, marketing automation, brand marketing, customer journey, sales automation, brand building, mindset


Kristin Reinbach is a former management consultant, recovering creative and today the owner of the boutique agency "Overw8" specializing in entrepreneurial web design, branding and marketing for the digital age .

After a successful career in marketing and strategy consulting, she established her own consulting company "krysalis consult". For her "anger is energy" rings true, so in her second master thesis she explored the "Gender Pay Gap" and its human capital implications as early as 2007. In her work as a consultant she had noticed that creative processes at work tended to be a mess, so she created a unique framework for innovation management ("Magic Innovation Leadership") [2011]. This framework and the accompanying handbook were one of the first business books in Germany to be published as an illustrated e-book and print edition as well. It is highly appreciated for its hands-on and inspiring approach using lots of mindset prompts, checklists and strong visuals - btw created by the author herself.

An expert in branding, marketing, and business development, Kristins self-coaching and coaching experiences led to the creation of krysalis publishing in 2012 as she felt a huge gap in quality material in Germany - and saw the chance of digital publishing. "The Club of Happy Lifepreneurs" was created - today a popular platform providing hands-on and high-quality self-coaching inspirations and tools as well as a "coaching zone".

Kristin has always been a bit of a trend scout and also a dedicated lifelong learner - her own major learning projects have included her Yoga journey (she's a certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher), learning to ski with over 30 and just now she's doing a "Give it 100" project to learn Golf. The author of two books and over 200 popular articles and newsletters is living with her husband Tobias south of Munich at the Lake Starnberg. She was nominated for the German award ‘25 women who make the world a better place’ [2016].

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Fischen im Netz!? Marketing Mix ohne Online – geht das noch!?

29.09.2016 // für Go! Business der Wirtschaftsförderung Oberland

Zielgruppe: UnternehmerInnen auf dem Umfeld.

Der Vortrag steht hier zum Download zur Verfügung:

The Club of Happy Lifepreneurs

Die von Kristin Reinbach aufgebaute Plattform für aktive Lebensgestaltung - keine Get Rich Quick Schemes, sondern hochqualitatives, getestetes Material.

Feedbacks: "Danke für diese tollen Inspirationen!" / "Tolle Sichtweise, daran habe ich noch gar nicht gedacht!" / "Guter Club, gutes Motto!" / "vielen Dank für die wunderbare Mail" /

„Vermarktungserfolg planen - mit der AIDA-Methode"

Mai 2016, für Unternehmerstammtisch Starnberg. Zielgruppe: UnternehmerInnen.

Handout zeigt recht gut den Style, etwas an sich Abstraktes griffig und lebendig zu verpacken, u.a. durch Visualisierung:

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"Toller Vortrag mit authentischer lebhafter Kristin-herzlichen Dank dafür!☀🍀"

"herzlichen Dank für Deinen lebendigen und bunten Vortrag und die liebevoll gestalteten Flips <3 (Y) "

"Toll! Vor allem die Grafik! wie schön daß es sowas auch noch gibt. Habe das noch gelernt. Bevor es MAC und Co gab. Heut zu Tage können das gar nicht mehr viele: Scribbeln !! Schon das Wort kennt kaum einer mehr."