Kristin Eyschen

Main focus: mindfulness, meditation, yoga

Twitter handle: @krisoak_2016


Languages: English, German, Luxembourgish

City: Munich

Country: Germany

Topics: mindfulness for executives, lifestyle business, wellbeing, health, life design, mindfulness in organisations


Kristin Eyschen or Kris Oak is a yin yoga & mindfulness teacher and a holistic health- and wellness consultant. In short, she helps individual persons but also teams to get back into balance. In order for people to re-establish a balance between their own needs and the expectations & responsibilities coming from their environment.

She shares her knowledge and long-term experience in yoga classes, workshops, in her "The Bravely Balanced” podcast, talks, coaching sessions and consultations. For businesses especially, she leads workshops bringing together mindfulness with improv theater exercises.

The goal is to inspire and support people to gather the courage to live and create their own balanced life personally & professionally.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

How to make healthy goals into habits

talk for an opening of a Zero Waste store in Luxembourg city

- what is a habit
- how to change a habit
- why most people fail setting up or changing habits
- examples from the audience to demonstrate how to set smart goals and turn them into a habit

This talk is in: English
Mastering your exam period with more energy & concentration

Talk for Bachelor Students at a university
- why many struggle with energy and concentration during exam period
- most common health related mistakes
- easy to implement changes to have more energy and concentration during toughest time of the semester

This talk is in: English