Kerstin Wiehe

Cultural manager, publicist and process facilitator

Main focus: Cultural education

Twitter handle: @kultkom

Websites/blogs: , ,

Languages: German

City: Berlin

Country: Germany


Kerstin Wiehe founded k&k kultkom in 1992 and initiated the founding of Kulturkontakte e.V. in 2002 and QuerKlang in 2003. Her work focuses on cultural and educational projects that transcend interfaces, genres, and borders, as well as the initiation and moderation of networking, thinking, and structural processes and projects for a wide range of topics and areas. Its goal is a future of opportunities for all people. Its research and work include experimental forms of learning and new forms of learning and teaching based on artistic practice. Teaching positions at various universities and associations. Voluntary work and membership in various clubs, associations and structure-giving working groups. Collaboration in the speaker circle of the Coalition of the Free Scene Berlin.