Katrin Pütz

Head and Managing Director of (B)energy

Main focus: Biogas

Websites/blogs: https://be-nrg.com/ , https://www.linkedin.com/in/katrin-puetz-benergy/

Languages: English, French, German

City: Berlin

State: Berlin

Country: Germany

Topics: africa-europe relations, energy transition, renewable energy, carbon capture, africa renewable energy, biogas, europe renewable energy, development aid

Services: Talk, Moderation, Workshop management, Consulting, Coaching, Interview

  Willing to travel for an event.

  Willing to talk for nonprofit.


Katrin Pütz is the founder and the heart driving force behind (B)energy which is a social business dedicated to making biogas self-sufficient and independent from development aid in the global South. My journey began in 2010 at Hohenheim University in Germany, where I developed a biogas backpack to turn biogas into a profitable venture. After three years of research with Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia, I successfully piloted a mobile biogas set and business concept. In 2014, I founded (B)energy, which now collaborates with international partners to create a biogas market as a business. Headquartered in Germany, (B)energy operates in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Europe, promoting independence and dignity through innovative products like the biogas backpack and modular burner.

I believe that people in less developed countries are strong and can improve their situation with the right opportunities. In 2022, I co-founded BiogasUnite to repair failed biogas systems in Africa and support the private biogas sector. My goal is to make biogas a common energy source, helping communities, promoting sustainable change, and fostering entrepreneurship. My efforts have been recognised with a nomination for the AD Biogas Industry Awards for Women in Biogas award. In April 2024, (B)energy celebrated its 10th anniversary, continuing to challenge old practices, empower local communities, and drive positive change in the biogas sector.