Katrin Hansmeier

Main focus: Humour in the business world

Twitter handle: @Humorinstitut

Website/blog: https://www.humorinstitut.de/

Languages: German, English

City: Leipzig

Country: Germany

Topics: humor


Katrin Hansmeier has an acting diploma under her belt and has been a humour coach at the German Institute for Humour for many years now. She also works as a coach for voice, body, rhetoric and personal development. She studied acting at the Academy for Music and Theatre in Hamburg, where she also enjoyed a clown training. For several years, she was permanently employed in a theatre and took part in a number of film and TV productions. She also had several guest appearances on stage, at the Volksbühne and the Sophiensäle in Berlin, and the Thalia-Theater in Hamburg, among other places.

Katrin combines many years of presence and experience on stage with the briskness of improvisation, giving her humour a special touch. The conjunction between her confidence on stage, the playful handling of surprises and many years of experience as a coach and speaker give her a strong presence on any entrepreneurial stage.

Katrin’s way of working is based on trust, devotion, courage, discipline and humour. She induces people to be outgoing, to discover their personality and to develop themselves further.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Katrin Hansmeier beim Humor-Vortrag


This talk is in: German
Katrin Hansmeier auf der Humorbühne

This talk is in: German