Katrin Etzrodt

Research Assistant

Main focus: human-machine communication

Twitter handle: @Katrin_ee

Websites/blogs: www.katrin-etzrodt.com , https://tu-dresden.de/gsw/phil/ifk/das-institut/mitarbeiter-innen/katrin_etzrodt?set_language=en

Languages: German, English

City: Dresden

Country: Germany

Topics: science, ubiquitous media, digital communications, human-machine communication, voice-based agents

Services: Talk, Consulting

Personal note:

Smart homes, self-driving cars, the Internet of Things, and intelligent personal assistants have ceased to be mere fantasies in science fiction novels. In the decades to come, (semi-)intelligent digital agents based on artificial intelligence will be part of our everyday lives. To remain empowered citizens capable of meaningful, informed decision-making, we must address potential consequences as early as possible. Therefore, I consider future-oriented research to be a crucial challenge that I gladly contribute to.


2017-2020, Stipendiary
Scholarship Program for the Promotion of Early-Career Female Scientists of TU Dresden, Doctoral Thesis: „Perception of Voice Agents as Social Actors“.

Since 2018, Research Assistant
at the Chair of Communication – Science and Technology Communication, Institute of Media and Communication, TU Dresden.

Since 2012 Research Assistant
at Institute of Media and Communication, TU Dresden.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Vorträge und Präsentationen

Eine Liste meiner Vorträge und Präsentationen für die wissenschaftliche aber auch praxisorientierte Gesellschaft.

Seminare und Workshops

Aktuelle Liste der von mir gehaltenen Seminare und Workshops.

Beispielthemen: Forschung zu neuen Medien und Technologien, Marketing Media Studies, Publikumsforschung, Social Media oder Inhaltsanalyse als Methode.


Liste aktueller und ehemaliger Projekte, in denen ich gearbeitet habe.

Beratung und Reviewing

Aktuelle Liste der Konferenzen und Wissenschaftsjournale, für die ich als Reviewerin tätig bin/war.