Katja Brunkhorst

Katja Brunkhorst

Communication, yoga & rock

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Scholar of literature, rock musician, mother, Ashtanga yoga teacher in training and, last but certainly not least, freelance author, copy writer and mompreneur. I get a kick out of creating connections between people, am passionate about being a mother, musician and yogini; and I feel blessed I get to deal with words and languages in many different registers for a living. Exciting encounters and travels, whether in books or in real life, keep me young; I need to learn new things constantly and incorrect punctuation in other people's texts can really get my goat. Those many different roles, however, share one motivation behind them: Being fascinated with communication in all its forms, how it sounds - and how it can work. I call language home.
I've worked internationally, at universities and ad agencies. Hence, I come up with content and copy, long and short, for pretty much anything professionally (you name it - I've named it): e.g. mailings, advertisements, films, posters, flyers, brochures, names, slogans, mission statements, song lyrics as well as websites and press releases. Above and beyond that, I can offer the following to fellow entrepreneurs or companies: project management, teambuilding and communication workshops and creative consultancy, as well as storytelling, travelogues, editing books or magazines or taking care of social media activities. Individually or in package deals.

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