Kathrin Radtke

Game Programmer

Main focus: Games and Programming

Twitter handle: @RadtkeKathrin

Websites/blogs: https://spellgardengames.com/ , https://www.tiktok.com/@spellgardengames

Languages: German, English

City: Stuttgart

Country: Germany

Topics: games, social media, programming workshops, diversity, indie games

Services: Talk, Moderation, Workshop management, Consulting, Interview

  Willing to travel for an event.


Kathrin Radtke is a game programmer and lives and works in Stuttgart.

In 2022 she founded the indie game studio "Spellgarden Games" together with three colleagues. They are currently developing the cozy game "Ritual of Raven".

Previously, she worked on various game productions, such as "The Inner World", "Minute of Islands" and as lead programmer on "Say No! More".

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

So Many Tabs: "Gaming: Du bist gar nicht so gut!"

This talk is in: German
Gamecity XP Boost: TikTok for Indie Devs

This talk is in: English
Game Two: "Konsequenzen für Blizzard, Ubisoft & Co.: Wie reagieren wir auf die Skandale? | Press Select"

This talk is in: German
Wie ich mal ausversehen Informatik studiert habe

This talk is in: German
gamesweekberlin Career Day 2021: "The Diversity of the Games Industry"

This talk is in: English