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Kathrin Hecht

home in many places, work-life
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work-life-balance conscious living conscious lifestyle home and work as flowing concepts lifestyle working remotely living abroad home in many places

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German English

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Berlin / Vienna / Jever / New Plymouth (New Zealand)

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After quitting my job in 2010 I went abroad – and somehow never properly returned. I traveled through the Middle East and Egypt and settled in New Zealand for a while, my chosen home away from home. Over the past six years I've spent five European winters down under, and when it gets warm and sunny again in the northern hemisphere, I return.

I am constantly on the road – either between Europe and NZ or in Europe between Vienna and Berlin. I have no home like most people would call it. I am home in many places. Work-wise this means I take my work with me (most of the time, at least). I work as a freelance communications consultant and writer on project basis. I really think that today remote work is possible in many areas, far more than often acknowledged. You don't need a lot to function: a laptop, a smartphone, your head and maybe a cup of coffee in the morning – but hey, the good thing: you can get that anywhere in the world! hehe

In general, you don't need a lot. That's another lesson I've learned during my past years as a modern nomad. You need less. You buy less. You prioritize differently.

And all of a sudden, you're getting closer to where you really want to be. This might be a physical place or as well be a feeling of satisfaction and inner peace. What matters is that you are where you want to be!

I'd like to inspire and motivate to live a life outside the 9-to-5 borders, to live a life in many places, to live a more conscious life. Go to my blog Kat's Sofa – my virtual couch – to get a glimpse into my life and my thoughts ( Happy to have a chat!