Katarina Balgavy

Main focus: Design, Sustainability

Website/blog: http://plastic-index.com

Languages: German, English, French

City: Vienna, Cape Town

Topics: contemporary art, demography, innovation, social innovation, design research, consumption, consumer psychology, art in public space, design methods, social design, sustainability, sustainability leadership, sustainable design, plastics, plastic, renewable energy


Can open design contribute to the world’s bigger problems, such as depletion and squandering of natural resources, population growth, consumerism and widespread poverty? Can pooling knowledge and resources, re-evaluating the concept of time, and facilitating user participation help open design make a strong contribution to sustainability? In a world of material scarcity and competent people, the right question to ask when designing is not who knows best. Rather, we should be rather asking what is just and fair. Katarina Balgavy studied International Development, Media Arts, Critical Studies and Fine Arts in Vienna, Austria. She worked as a Creative Director in international projects for several media and art culture. Katarina is the Founder of The Index, a platform for innovation and sustainability while she develops new media projects in the fields of design, architecture and contemporary art.
http://plastic-index.com http://katarinabalgavy.com