Karoline Busse

Main focus: Usable Security and Privacy

Twitter handle: @kb_usec

Websites/blogs: http://net.cs.uni-bonn.de/wg/usecap/staff/karoline-busse/ , https://github.com/kikithegecko/my-publications

Languages: English, German

City: Hannover, Bonn

Country: Germany

Topics: computer science, privacy, security, human factor, hci, usable security


Hello, I am a PhD student and enthusiastic speaker from the field of Usable Security and Privacy. I work at USECAP group at University of Bonn and live in Hannover. Before my PhD, I studied Computer Science at Leibniz University of Hannover.

Usable Security and Privacy is an interdisciplinary research field across social sciences and computer science. I have a strong interest in inclusive security and privacy, keeping the humans "in the loop" is probably the most important thing for designing and deploying secure software. Users are not the enemy, and neither are developers or administrators.

My research focuses on the perception of security and privacy in different contexts. Security and privacy are rarely the main goals when a user wants to accomplish a task, and I want to find out what roles they play in various parts of their lives.

I have gathered some experience as part of panel discussions, holding talks, and moderating panels. I consider myself a political person and am a part of Lower Saxony's digitalRat.niedersachsen, an advisory council on digital transformation. I feel close to the CCC, but am not an official speaker.

I try my best to incorporate a queerfeminist mindset in my work, but I wouldn't consider myself an activist. My pronoun is "they".