Kai Andie Katschthaler

Tech brand consultant & content specialist

Main focus: Inclusivity in tech

Twitter handle: @thegrumpygirl

Websites/blogs: https://katschthaler.com/ , https://www.taboolarasa.org/

Languages: English, German

City: Schleswig Umgebung

State: Schleswig-Holstein

Country: Germany

Topics: branding, mental health, lgbtq+, mental health and tech, inclusive culture, mental health awareness

Services: Talk, Moderation, Workshop management, Consulting, Coaching, Interview

  I don't want to travel for an event.

  Willing to talk for nonprofit.

Personal note:

My particular focus is on mental health awareness and accommodation, but also inclusive language in general and how to shape a company culture that is not just open to a diverse set of people but actively working to be welcoming and accommodating to them.

I speak and share openly about my own mental health experiences and about being trans nonbinary. My pronouns are they/them.


I’m a startup consultant with 6+ years of experience working with companies on their technical brand. I can help you find your brand’s voice and positioning, allowing you to communicate better with your audiences — both technical and non-technical.

I’ve been working at the intersection of tech and marketing for most of my career, and that’s how I ended up becoming a content specialist for tech brands. I’ve helped startups and entrepreneurs shape their brand, values, target groups and tone of voice, restructure their websites, and I’ve written copy for them.

I’m a storyteller at heart and create great content that’s interesting and fun. I also have a strategic mindset, love learning new things and have a knack for asking the right questions.

I’ve taught workshops, enjoy public speaking, and am a natural networker with a lot of empathy. I also have a keen interest in diversity and accessibility.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Freelancers, Do These Don’ts

How to become a better — and healthier — freelancer by breaking some of the mythical freelancer rules.

Talk given at
Freelancing in Vienna Meetup on 21 September 2015
Vienna.rb Meetup on 15 October 2015

This talk is in: English
Find Your Brand’s Voice

How to get started if you want to figure out your brand’s voice and speak more authentically to your customers.

Talk given at
Freelancer Meetup Vienna on 14 March 2016

This talk is in: English
Non-Visual Branding — Deine Marke ist mehr als nur ein Logo

German version of my non-visual branding talk

Talk given at
webclerks meetup Vienna on 25 April 2016

This talk is in: German
betapitch Vienna 2016 (moderator)

Moderated the betapitch Vienna pitching event at sektor5 on 14 April 2016

This talk is in: English
Ouch! There’s That Glass Ceiling Again (moderator)

Moderator at panel discussion on International Women’s Day 2016.

This talk is in: English
Melange Event Series at sektor5 (moderator)

Moderated a series of startup panel discussions held at sektor5 coworking space in 2016

This talk is in: English
Enterpreneurship Avenue Converence pre-event (moderator)

Moderated a panel discussion of startup founders at sektor5 in Vienna on 12 May 2016

This talk is in: English