Justine Arreche

Main focus: Design

Twitter handle: @SaltineJustine

Website/blog: http://hellojustine.com

Languages: English

City: Cleveland, Ohio

Country: United States

Topics: user experience design, design, graphic design, eating disorders, user interface design, inclusive work environments


I am a graphic designer working on everything from user interface design to identity design. I currently work at a Berlin based startup called Travis CI overseeing all the design work from our UI to our internal branding. I began speaking at Ruby Conferences in 2012 after hearing many programmers express they felt design was hard to understand. Through speaking I've helped developers around the world feel empowered to make design choices, or at the very least, understand the designers on their team a bit better. Through this network of Ruby Conferences, I started to become and outspoke person in the community on issues of positive and collaborative work places and most recently began speaking on topics of inclusivity especially in regards to making your work space a positive environment for those with eating disorders and in recovery.