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Judith Gottschalk

Judith Gottschalk
Development Work
My bio:

I have done my bachelor's studies in philosphy and linguistics at Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf. My area of specialization was computational linguistics. Beside my master's studies in human-centered informatics at Aalborg University in Denmark I did a Training as certified IT-specialist with a Focus on application development. Since 2015 I am doing a PhD with the Topic 'Sustainable E-Learning in hard to reach Areas in Africa' at Aalborg University.

Through several missions in Africa with the Danish NGO Danmission I had the possibility to gain experience in living and working in Africa and to improve my intercultural knowledge, which is indispensible when it Comes to Setting up a working IT-infrastructure on the African continent. What was of great use for this was a Training I received from the German NGO Bread for the World while waiting for a working permission for Kenya.

Beside my work for the British / Danish Trust Relay Trust I am working for an IT service provider in Nuremberg and do a project for a big software Company in Nuremberg. My Task is to introduce ATDD with agile methods.

I am committee memer of the board of the LSU Berlin (lesbians and gays in the Union) and maintain their Webpage, write aricles and do all this Kind of stuff. Also I am a member of the Deutsche Staatsbürgerinen, which is the oldes German women's association and do some for for the CVJM Lichtenhof in Nuremberg.

My talks deal with Topics about development work in Africa, intercultural unterstanding with a Special Focus on humans and Computers but I also speak about Topics like homosexuality and theology. However I can also simply tell some funny stories about the life of a software tester. My dry Humor helps me to speak about all the Kinds of Problems you have to deal when doing IT in Africa. Most of my stories are stories about failures and what to learn from them. I can speak about the challenges of a development work Mission, what it means to come back to Germany from a short-term Mission in countries of the Global South and I would love to tell all the stories of my missions in Africa, where I tried to Setup Computer Networks while Standing knee-deep in the mud in the middle of the jungle.

When speaking about LGBTQI* topcis and theology I can explain the theological Background of religious motivated Homophobie and how to deal with it. Here the main Topic is, how to accept oneself, while being a beliving Christian an to Show from a philosophical and theological perspective, why LGBTQI* People of Course must have a place in the church and how important it is to really understand the biblical message in today's modern world.