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Diversity and Inclusion

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diversity and inclusion diversity and inclusivity in tech diversity in technology women and technology women in open source women in tech women in technology

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I am currently pursuing a bachelor degree in Business Informatics, at the University of Tirana. Meanwhile I'm a board member of Open Labs Hackerspace, which promotes free libre open source culture in Albania since 2012, like GNU/Linux, LibreOffice, Mozilla, Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap etc. Furthermore, I am co-organiser of Open Source Conference Albania (OSCAL) and also part of the Fedora Project, being the first Fedora Ambassador in Albania. I'm a TDF member, Nextcloud and Wikipedia contributor.

I’m passionate about philosophy of Open Source, I believe in transparency and cooperation, open and free Internet. I have been working on promoting FLOSS in Albania. Also I’ve been working on different Localization Project to bring everything around Open Source closer to our community.

I’m interested on empowering woman in society because women participation in open technology and culture is very important so we should all pay more attention.

Related to programming languages, I already know C++, Java, HTML, JS and a bit of Python and I’m learning other languages.

Examples of previous talks:

  • Flock 2016 - University Outreach: New task or new mindset?


  • Women in Open Source

    The Gender Gap is one of the most talked topic since forever, and still a Gap. Where are women in Open Source? Why the gap is so big? Women participation in open technology and culture is very important so we should all pay more attention. This talk was focused on the large steps we can take to reduce this gap. Also we shared out experience at our hackerspace in Tirana, Albania since we have lots of women there.

  • How to build up a Python community and empower women

  • Women in Open Source

    FSFE Summit 2016 in Berlin, Germany