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Jessica Koppe

Jessica Koppe
How to live Art & Creativity
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Porta Westfalica

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First of all, I'm an artist. Next to creating paintings and animations, I love to write. Even though I studied conceptual strategies for most of the time during university, I work mainly in an associative way. I am to connect the joy of my fine art works to my experiences from applied arts – with this strategy, I create animations, paintings, collages, paper objects and from time to time a book.

For more than 20 years I struggled with my own creativity. It was a hard time, but I discovered and developed skills that allow me to work without being stuck, and accompanied by a non-violent relationship to my inner critic. In an ideal world, art isn't exclusive, we don't need special talents or special education. I live and teach an art education acknowledging that anyone is able to understand art and be an artist.

I studied fine and applied arts all across Europe: I went to the Academy of fine art Münster (Germany), to the University of applied arts Vienna (Austria) and I studied at the Bristol School of animation (UK). Even though my main work is the creation and distribution of my own artworks, I also work with art educators and have a long practice of teaching art to students at museums, universities, schools and independent education centers. For eight years, I've been freelancing in illustration and graphic design.

Topics I'll talk about
– What is an ideal condition or working environments where creativity is able to grow safely?
– How to overcome fear and creative blocks
– Life / live as a self-emploayed artist and how to do this successfully
– Applied User Experience: how to use your design skills to create a successful art career
– A remix of the former subjects

2012/13 und 2014/15 University of Paderborn / teaching assignment
2013-14 Jury member at the North West Animation Festival / Portland, Oregon, USA
2010-2012 Museum Marta Herford, Art education and workshops
2009/10 Academy of Fine Art Münster / Meisterschülerin with Prof. Henk Visch
2009-2012 Kunsthalle Bielefeld, Art education and workshops
2008/09 University of applied arts, Vienna / painting and experimental animation
2008 Bristol School of Animation, University of the West of England Bristol, UK
2002-09 Academy of Fine Art Münster Münster / fine and digital arts
2001/02 Bielefeld University / Philosophy, History and Art Education

Exhibiting my work regularly since 2003, freelance graphic and illustration since 2007, teaching arts since 2001 with multiple institutions.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Deutschlandradio Kultur: Perlen der Provinz

In einem akustischen Roadmovie besuchen unsere Autoren Menschen, die Kultur an abgelegenen Orten schaffen: progressive Rockmusik in Scheunen, digitale Kunst im Wald und originelle Performances mitten im Nirgendwo.

Von Christian Grasse und Bettina Conradi, Deutschlandrundfahrt

Podiumsdiskussion Kunst. Klima. Kwote.

2. Bielefelder Kunstgespräch in der Kunsthalle Bielefeld, veranstaltet vom BBK-OWL e.V. , vom Künstlerinnenforum Bielefeld-OWL e.V. und den Offenen Ateliers Bielefeld e.V.

Auf dem Podium:
Dr. Friedrich Meschede, Leiter der Kunsthalle Bielefeld
Susanne Titz, Direktorin Museum Abteiberg, Mönchengladbach
Jessica Koppe, Bildende Künstlerin, Porta Westfalica
Dr. Robert Pfab, Galerist und Kurator, Düsseldorf

Wie ist das Klima für die Bildende Kunst in der Region, nimmt sie den künstlerischen und kulturellen Reichtum der hiesigen Kunstszene, der Künstlerinnen und Künstler sowie der Museen, Galerien und Vereine überhaupt wahr? Was muss getan werden? Braucht Kunst Quoten: Erfolgsquoten, Frauenquoten oder geht es ohne?
Die Podiumsgäste sind jeweils Spezialist_innen in ihrem Gebiet, haben besondere Zugänge zu den Fragen gesucht und haben in ihren eigenen Städten, in ihrem Umfeld eigene Antworten gegeben, die vielleicht auch für Bielefeld spannend sein könnten.