Jenny Shen

Main focus: Cross-cultural UX Design

Twitter handle: @jennyshen


Languages: English, Chinese

City: Amsterdam

Country: Netherlands

Topics: user experience design, localization, women in tech, design, ux, community building, user experience, design thinking, research, culture, diversity and inclusion, diversity, e-commerce


Jenny Shen is an independent Senior Designer, creating digital products for companies all over the world. She specializes in the travel industry and products with a global focus. Jenny has 6 years of experience with UI/UX design and has designed consumer-facing online experiences for users across 27 countries. Jenny has worked with innovative startups to brands like Neiman Marcus, eBuddy, IBM, TravelBird, Randstad, and Deskbookers. With a passion for helping newcomers in UX to grow and succeed, she mentors designers under her mentorship program. She also founded Ladies that UX Amsterdam, currently the biggest women in the tech community in The Netherlands.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Build bridges, not walls—Design for users across cultures

Want your product to dominate the world? Here several case studies will show why you need more than translations to break into new markets.

As Internet access expands to the far corners of the world, product makers have the chance to see their work used by millions of people worldwide.

To create products for international users, we must be aware of the full range of human diversity with respect to language, culture and other forms of human difference. If the product doesn't adapt to users' differences, there's a big danger where we think our work is great, but users in other countries finds it terrible, or worse, unusable.

Join this talk to hear how Jenny designed for users in Europe, North- and South America, Asia, and Southeast Asia.

In this talk you will learn key insights including:
- How culture affects design, UX and front-end
- Case study of cultural differences: Germany v.s. Netherlands
- UI patterns comparison of the East and the West: Mozilla Firefox homepage, WeChat and Chinese app interfaces
- Design for culture, not stereotypes
- Research local mobile device usage

This talk is in: English
Freedom is the new wealth—Join the future workforce of freelancing

o you work in an office and you find yourself counting down to Friday? Have you ever dreamed of travelling the world or working on your own schedule and not typical 9 to 5? Actually, there’s another option than the typical career.

In 2011, I started freelancing on the side. Now, I am a full-time freelancer, working on various exciting projects for clients all over the world.

Do you want to know how I got my very first freelance project, why I chose freelancing and how to land your first client? In this talk, you'll hear about my personal experiences and lessons learned from 6 years of freelancing.

This talk is in: English
Design Thinking—the secret sauce to growing our niche group to the largest women in tech community in The Netherlands

Design thinking is familiar to many designers as a framework in a product development process. Did you know that design thinking can help community managers solve their toughest challenges? From growing the membership base to standing out among hundreds or even thousands of other communities, to sustaining the community with sponsorships or monetization, design thinking is the secret sauce to growing our niche community. In this talk, you’ll learn how we overcame the biggest challenges for 'Ladies that UX Amsterdam' with design thinking, and how to put design thinking into practice.

This talk is in: English
Nomad life - how to be a nomad and succeed at freelancing

My digital nomad journey since 2013, how to be a digital nomad, tips to communicate across time zones and 3 key points learned from 6 years of freelancing.

This talk is in: English