Jenni Schwanenberg

Main focus: Business models in media

Twitter handle: @JSchwanenberg


Languages: German, English

City: Hamburg

Country: Germany

Topics: startups, business


Jenni helps startups to create scaleable business models as Program Manager at next media accelerators. As a tour guide she showed german media executives where the digital future is going in Silicon Valley, now she helps dpa group to get ready for a disrupted industry. She helped building a research institute and founded the cooperative EDLAB. Although she has once realized a cooking book she is passionate about developing news products for the mobile world. As a speaker she is a vibrant energy source on stage.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Moderation at Social Media Week

Guter Grund zu Gründen: Markus Huth, Oliver Aligiani, Jennifer Schwanenberg, Tabea Grszeszyk, Wofgang Macht