Janka Vogel, M.A.

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My bio:

Janka Vogel, born in 1988, studied Educational Science and Protestant Theology in Kassel, Marburg and Sibiu (Romania). Her bachelor thesis was based on research on transnational families in Romania, where she had worked for two years as a teacher and social worker. Graduate studies in Southeastern European Studies with focus on Romania / Moldova at University of Jena and research on the Romanian diaspora in Berlin. She worked as Research Assistant at Departement of Romance Languages and Literature at University of Jena. At the moment she works as a social worker with Romanian migrants in Berlin.

Her Topics: Romania (History, Geography, Politics, Culture, Languages), Regions of Romania: Bucovina, Transilvania; Romania's Minority Policy, Romania's Migration Policy, Migration from Romania to Western Europe and Germany (yesterday and today), German Social Benefits for Romanian Europeans, Integration of Romanian Migrants in Berlin, Romanian Diaspora, Republic of Moldova as a European Union neighbour, Romania as a Member of the European Union, Roma Minority in Romania, Transnationalisation / Europeanisation of Social Work

Examples of previous talks / appearances: