Janet Clark

Main focus: Gender Balance and literature

Twitter handle: @janetclarkautor

Website/blog: www.janet-clark.de

Languages: German, English, French

City: Munich

Country: Germany

Topics: gender balance


Janet Clark, author, founding member of the Network Autorenrechte (network author’s rights), political representative of the Mörderische Schwestern e.V. (female crime novelists association)

Janet Clark studied economics and then worked as a research assistant in the European Parliament in Brussels. After the birth of her first child she moved to England. There she taught at university for several years, then switched to the private sector and, as Vice-President Marketing Europe, helped to build the world's largest online printing company. After moving to Germany, she held other top management positions before starting from scratch again: as an author. Her first novel was published by Heyne Verlag in 2011. In the meantime, she successfully published over a dozend further novels, mainly suspense fiction for adolescents. As a political representative and former president of an authors' association and as a founding member of the Autorenrechte (NAR) network, she is committed to gender balance and the rights of authors.
Gender Balance Projects:
Representative of NAR at Voices of Culture, Structured Dialogue between the European Commission and the Cultural Sector : Gender Balance in the Cultural and Creative Sector
Co-initiator and organizer of the initiative #frauenzählen
Representative of Mörderische Schwestern e.V. within the Network “Women in Culture” organized by the German Cultural Council
Co-work with the representative for Literature at the Round Table on Women in Culture and Media