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Ivonne Vaziri-Elahi

Writing & Creativity
My bio:

A writer by heart since the discovery of the alphabet, Ivonne is now a full-grown idea-machine. She feels at home in several media formats, mostly videogames and film. While finishing her education at the filmArche, where she also functioned as course manager, she worked on a number of projects in an agency for authors and script development. Her debut project as a freelancer was the production of the first german mobile and webseries - from initial concept to final episode scripts. Stepping over to the game industry, she played a key role in shaping the narrative of the award winning "DSA – Drakensang: The River of Time" by Radon Labs, a classic RPG-Singleplayer-Adventure in the fantasy genre. Following that, she designed the world and characters for Bigpoint's groundbreaking Free2Play Action-Browsergame "Drakensang Online" and wrote hundreds of quests for the game. Apart from that Ivonne is interested in topics surrounding creativity & productivity, especially to maximize the potential in creative collaboration in a team.

Possible topics for talks:
- Storytelling in videogames
- Narrative Quest Design
- Finding the theme
- Maximizing creative potential / creativity techniques
- Writing as therapy
- Improve meetings, save time!