Ivonne Senn

Main focus: Money Coach

Website/blog: http://ivonnesenn.de/

Languages: German, English

City: Hamburg

Country: Germany

Topics: money, emotions, self-love, time management


Coach, Speaker and Translator
My favourite topic is one that makes other people cringe (a feeling I only know too well from years of feeling the same way): Money. Although I have an MBA in finances and managed the accounts of many small companies, my own money story was one of dread and mayhem. One day I decided that enough is enough, hired a coach and learned to have a deep and meaningful relationship with my money – and my self. For me, money is a window into the rest of our life. An concept I teache clients all over the world.

It is my passion to break the silence around money. To uncover the hidden fears and stories behind our struggle with money - and ourselves. And so I am very grateful that I got to learn and get coached by some of the best:
- MBA, major in finances and accounting and markting.
- Money Coach Training by Meadow DeVor, California
- Mindful Connection seminars by Nicole Birkholzer, Massachusetts
- Intensive seminar “The Work” by Byron Katie, California.
- Personal Leadership Workshop by Koelle Simpson, California
- Intuition workshop with Amelia Kinkade, Isle of Man
- Classes with Martha Beck, Arizona
- Life Coaching seminar with Brooke Castillo, California

- "Treating Your Money Like a Lover" - finally a good relationship with money
(from 1hr talk to multi-day seminars/workshops)
- Self-love - How our relationship with us influences our relationship with our money
- The 7 Worries About Money
- "Now and Not Now" - emotional time-management