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Ipek Uzpeder

Future of "..."
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future of education business model innovation future of management future of business future of leadership future of diversity trends future of work decision-making decision-fatigue

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German English Turkish

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Hilterfingen, Bern

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As a future strategist and founder of IPacktheFuture GmbH in Switzerland, she keeps an open mind for emerging topics, emerging markets (e.g. e-mobility), emerging technologies and their implications into every day lives, products and services. Acting as a challenger, game changer, a kind of time traveller requires boldness and finesse. Short after heading into professional life as a project engineer in Turkey, she worked for multinational companies as project manager, team leader and internal consultant worldwide. She also works for NGOs and actively support activities for women empowerment.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Erlebe deine Zukunft & dein Potenzial

Mit dem langfristigen Denken können Jugendliche besser mit Krisen umgehen. Diese Denkweise ist lernbar mit der Methode der persönlichen Zukunftsgestaltung. Im Workshop werden die aktuellsten Studien mit der bewährten Vorgehensweise aus der Zukunftsforschung kombiniert. Der Ansatz besteht aus drei Schritten:

- Einen Rahmen mit Informationen über das eigene Leben schaffen.
- Die eigenen Zukunftsszenarien aus diesem Rahmen heraus entwickeln.
- Eine Vision, Strategien und Aktionspläne für die Zukunft definieren.

This talk is in: German

Make-it-happen Kompass

Im Bereich Wissenschaft & Forschung:
ein Modell für alle kreativen Köpfe wird basierend auf Strategic Foresight Techniken vorgestellt. 5 Schritte, 2 Fragen und mehrere Wege, die dich motivieren, inspirieren und vor allem Startklar machen wird!
Sneek peek:

This talk is in: German

Shaping your agile future (by coaching)

As AI increasingly allow human workers to focus on more complex tasks that require creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration (also known as the four Cs), trainers and coaches need to anticipate new ways of supporting the system (in an organization, in a school or on personal level). Attendees of this plenary will discover interdisciplinary training/coaching
tools, which they could easily integrate in their practices for one-to-one coachings (leadership, development or any other purpose).
At the beginning, we will navigate 4 faces of coaches based on two uncertainties in engagement types. Then, an adapted "personal futures" Model created by Mr. Wheelchair will be presented. Afterwards three proven technics From Silicon Valley will radically open a new perspective not only for the attendees but also for their customers. The science of behind (4 faces of coaches, the adapted model and the 3 proven technics) is based on foresight practices used on business environment mainly since 1960s.

Attendees will be able to find themselves under the 4 faces of coaches, although the focus will be a voluntary and advising type of coaching session. The adapted model will provide a structured way of dealing with an existing, arising, probable or possible challenge on personal level. Integration of emotional aspects into the model based on insights from Atlas of Emotions by Paul Ekmann plays a big role in the whole picture of human.
Last but not least, come the three technics originating from Silicon Valley companies. When Silicon Valleys narrative is "changing the world" the coaches or trainers narrative should be "embrace change inside out and outside in".
At the end of entertaining, surprising and insightful session the discussion will shift from now to multiple futures (probable, possible and desired). A number of simple, interdisciplinary, adaptable tools will provide value to the audience.

This talk is in: English