Ingrid Meyer-Legrand

Main focus: grandchildren of 2nd worldwar

Twitter handle: @meyer_legrand

Website/blog: http://meyer-legrand.eu/

Languages: German

City: Berlin

Country: Germany


The grandchildren of war, the children of the children of World War II, negotiate a variety of different topics in their life courses. To begin with, the question of how to deal with “the guilt of Grandpa”, the grandchildren of war have been increasingly occupied with their own role in history or rather the role that history has assigned them as the offspring of traumatized parents. The grandchildren of war seek therapy and counseling due to their struggle “to arrive” in this society or rather in their own life. Both privately and professionally they show themselves being caught up in a cycle of restlessness and standstill. A linkage between and a perspective for these topics that are becoming visible here - emerge at once, as soon as historical influences through genogram work (multi-generations perspective) and time line work – My Life Storyboard – are taken into consideration in therapeutic work.