Hannah Smith

Main focus: Project management

Twitter handle: @hanopcan

Website/blog: https://operationcanopy.co.uk

Languages: English

City: Bristol

Country: United Kingdom

Topics: agile, team practices, website, project management, wordpress, hiring, team development, budgeting, client management, css3


Hannah graduated from Bristol University with a BSc in Computer Science in 2004, but realised very early on that to be great with code, you also need to be a great people person and so diversified into project management. These days she works as a freelancer in Bristol building/managing software projects and running WordPress training. She regularly talks in Bristol and further afield about WordPress or project management. She also co-organises the Bristol WordPress group.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Smashing project delivery with agile project management

An introduction to agile project management and some ideas on how to get started. A 30 minute talk.

This talk is in: English
Tips and tricks for managing your WordPress projects

Searching for WordPress project management on Google brings up tons of articles about tools you can use for managing WordPress projects. Like any tool, if not used correctly, it does more harm than good. Instead of first reaching for a tool to organize your tasks, this talk covers the human behaviours, habits and communication methods that make successful project delivery, no matter what tools you choose to use to organize yourself.

This talk is in: English