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Franca Parianen Lesemann

Franca Parianen Lesemann
Science Slams dealing with brain, humanity and empathy

My topics:

theory of mind fair trade

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German English French Dutch

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My bio:

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Public Administration (Politics, economy, sociology in law) with a minor in social entrepreneurship as well as a Master's degree in Neuroscience and Cognition. Both studies have led me to explore human behaviour and interaction. I conducted a field study on Fair Trade production on Mauritius and worked as a fundraising coordinator for a non-profit organization. More recently I worked at several research institutions (Helmholtz Institute Utrecht, Jacobs Center of Lifelong Learning Bremen, Max Planck Institute for Human Congitive and Brain Sciences Leipzig) to investigate on empathy, emotions, theory of mind and neuroeconomic decision making. Aprt from scientific publications, I communicate the results in science slams, competitions in scientific presentations. Herewith I won the East-German Championship and participated in the German finals.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

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