Fernanda Parente

Main focus: Art + Tech + Society

Website/blog: linkedin.com/in/fernandaparente

Languages: English, Portuguese

City: Berlin

State: Berlin

Country: Germany

Topics: art & tech, virtual reality, augmented reality, digital art, future

Services: Talk, Moderation, Workshop management, Consulting, Interview

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Fernanda Parente has been conceptualising and curating programmes at the intersection of art, technology, and society for 10 years. Be it IRL, in a browser or in the metaverse, she specialises in developing innovative formats for international audiences. Fernanda is interested in the power of immersive content and in innovative ways of artistic production and audience engagement. Since 2018, she has been lecturing on topics such as Extended Realities and Speculative Futures at universities such as Institut HyperWerk in Basel, University of Applied Arts Vienna and at the Berlin University of the Arts.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Artistic Practice in the Metaverse (Berlin University of the Arts)

Co-developer and lecturer of module aimed at introducing students to the possibilities of artistic practice in virtual worlds whilst developing a critical awareness of how these technologies impact society and vice-versa.

This talk is in: English
International Conference 2022: Creative Ways into Desirable Futures
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Moderated 1-day live-streamed conference on "What can the creative sector contribute to turn desirable futures into reality?"

This talk is in: English
XPRO Experience Digest - Podcast series live at IFA

Conceptualised and Moderated 5-part podcast series taking place live at IFA 2022. Over 5 episodes we explore what it means to create unique experiences in a variety of settings from museums, nature, art, to public as well as intimate spaces.

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Panel: How will art influence the internet of the future? (Ada Lovelace Festival 2022)

Panelist alongside Manuel Rossner (Artist), Viola Li (Artist) at main stage of Ada Lovelace Festival 2022. Moderated by Daniel Retting.

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Reclaim our Future: Generation A = Algorithmus
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Moderated closing panel at the AI Festival WHEN MACHINES DREAM THE FUTURES, a project organised by Goethe-Institut and Deutsches Hygiene-Museum, Dresden. The session took place on-site and was live streamed.

This talk is in: English
Extended Reality Narratives - A Conversation (in VR!)

Conceptualised and moderated conversation in virtual reality (VR) with Anke Schiemann (media artist and filmmaker) and Marcel Karnapke (co-founder of CyberRäuber). Part of the official programme of the Performing Arts Festival (PAF 2020).

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Keynote Speaker: Speculative Thoughts on Immersion, Performance and Real Virtuality

Don on your goggles and immerse yourself in this talk… wait! Not so fast. If you’ve ever been underwhelmed by the immersive promises of virtual reality, this session is for you. In this talk, Fernanda Parente will unleash her stream of thought on immersion, performance, Real Virtuality and speculate about how immersive performance and technology might play out in the future.

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Panelist: VR:RV|VR (Anti) Manifesto Part III

What happens when reality and virtual reality intersect? Beyond games, sci-fi and straight up science, how do we code VR in the non-fiction spaces of art? journalism? documentary? What does VR really mean for these realities? What are the limitations and ethics of that code? What does it mean to ‘construct’ reality? To engineer emotions?

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