Eva Ullmann

Main focus: Humour in the business world

Twitter handle: @Humorinstitut

Website/blog: https://www.humorinstitut.de/en/

Languages: German, English

City: Leipzig

Country: Germany

Topics: humor


Master of disaster. Founder. Manager. Keynote speaker. Writer. Humour coach.

Eva Ullmann studied medicine and pedagogy, co-authored the book Humor im Business (Humour in the business world) with her colleague Albrecht Kresse and published a number of audio books. She also writes for specialized journals and, in her capacity as a humour expert, regularly gives interviews. She’s had a number of TV appearances, for instance on MDR, Pro 7, Sat 1 and VOX.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Eva Ullmann auf der Bühne

This talk is in: German
Das Deutsche Institut für Humor stellt sich vor

This talk is in: German