Eva-Maria Hempe

Technology & Healthcare Executive

Main focus: Technology Strategy Healthcare

Websites/blogs: http://eva-maria.hempe.org , https://www.linkedin.com/in/eva-maria-hempe/

Languages: English, German

City: Zurich

Country: Switzerland

Topics: empathy, leadership, technology, artificial intelligence, it, cloud, sales, strategy, healthcare

Services: Talk, Workshop management, Consulting, Coaching, Interview

  Willing to travel for an event.

  Willing to talk for nonprofit.

Personal note:

I am Eva-Maria. I am a strategist, a technology and healthcare leader, a sales leader, a board member, an author, a speaker, and an investor. Oh, and in the past, I have been a scientist, a journalist, an athlete, a policy maker, and a politician.

I enjoy sharing some of the lessons I learned along the way by writing, speaking, and/ or advising.

Two key lessons I have learned are: empathy is key to both, building successful teams and delivering (customer) value, and you need to have a thorough understanding of customer needs to be able to identify what is of value to them.


I am a passionate learner, and my goal has always been to learn from the best: I learned structured problem-solving by studying physics, healthcare as a Researcher at the NHS, solving the most critical business problems as an Associate Partner at Bain & Company, B2B technology sales as a Senior Sales Director at VMware (a leading multi-cloud provider), multi-stakeholder management as a Project Manager at the World Economic Forum, and tenacity by winning my Boat Race for Cambridge University Women’s Boat Club the year after learning how to row.

I’m passionate about connecting with others through meaningful discussion. Whether it’s sharing lessons I’ve learned or debating new ideas, I find great joy in engaging with people and providing a fresh perspective to ponder.

What’s most important to me is building real understanding between myself and the audience. I aim to inform in a way that resonates, persuade through relatable examples, and get people actively involved through lively storytelling. My goal is always to make people think, but also to do so in an entertaining and welcoming way.

I love having discussions on panels or giving talks about strategic issues, technological advances, healthcare challenges, and leadership approaches. But most of all, I enjoy exploring topics at the intersection of these fields and opening up a dialogue to exchange views from all sides.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Various Talks/ Panels

“What is the secret sauce to successful change?” – CXO event, Tel Aviv
“Together in technology” – Dell Technology Forum, Zürich
“If you are looking for your health, it’s in the cloud – What can we expect from cloud-based health care services?” – BVDVA Kongress (National Association of Mail Order Pharmacies), Berlin
“Careers in IT” – EmpowerHER, Munich
“How technology will change our world – for the better?” – UnDavos (side event to World Economic’s Annual Meeting), Davos
“Cloud and Edge 101 – and their strategic implications” – Women for the Board Lunch & Learn, virtual

This talk is in: English