Eva Dietrich

Creative Director, Illustrator

Main focus: Freelancing

Websites/blogs: www.dietrich-wehenpohl.de , www.evadietrich.de , www.linkedin.com/in/evadietrich

Languages: German, English

City: Hamburg

State: Hamburg

Country: Germany

Topics: creative direction, illustration, digital strategy, freelancing, social media content, digital branding, art direction, passion and purpose

Services: Talk, Workshop management, Consulting, Interview

  Willing to travel for an event.

Personal note:

Finding the right path after graduation or training is left to most young people themselves. For many, the only right concept seems to be permanent employment.
In my lectures, I plead for more courage to be self-employed, give an insight into how I found my own path and open up possibilities to throw the old-fashioned, stiff concepts of work overboard.


Eva is a media computer scientist and creative director. Since 2015 she has been independently working for various brands as well as cultural institutions and media houses to create their digital campaigns and brand appearances. As a (digital) art director, she worked for advertising companies such as upljft, The Marmalade and Philipp & Keuntje.
Eva is also an artist, illustrator and curator. She runs an art shop in Hamburg (Altona).

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Vortrag "Independent publishing & zines"

Für die Seminargruppe "Independent publishing & zines" der Kunsthochschule Bremen habe ich einen Inspirationsvortrag gehalten und über die Möglichkeiten der unabhängigen Zine-Gestaltung referiert.

Geplant von Xiyu Tomorrow

This talk is in: German