Eva Balmaks

Founder & Managing Director

Main focus: Community Building as Business

Websites/blogs: https://www.linkedin.com/in/evabalmaks/ , https://www.winktapp.com/

Languages: English, German

City: Berlin

State: Berlin

Country: Germany

Topics: tech, marketing, entrepreneurship, community building, innovation, startup, social media, society, impact entrepreneurship, corporates

Services: Talk, Moderation, Workshop management, Consulting, Coaching, Interview

  Willing to travel for an event.

  I don't want to talk for nonprofit.

Personal note:

> Community Building
> Building trust in the digital space
> Impact in real life with the help of digital platforms

See the end of the bio for details and keynote titles.


Eva Balmaks is an expert in community building. Two years ago at the age of 38, she founded the tech startup Winkt with the goal of providing a technological solution for people who are in the same place at the same time to experience community feeling.

Community and a sense of belonging are the biggest issues of our time. As leaders, we must address them on all levels: strategic, technological, cultural, and personal.

Eva will adapt the topic of community building to your audience. Philosophically and academically along the literature or strategically along leadership and investment decisions. Practically along use cases or innovatively along new business models. She has the incredible talent to find a language for each audience and an enthusiasm that is contagious.

To understand community building holistically, Eva connects related topics such as social media, psychology, communication design, and technology trends. She shows examples of community building regarding different industries: Retail, Hospitality, Travel, Entertainment, Content Creators, Creative, and many more. On top, Eva has an expert opinion on ecosystem building and collaboration management.

Eva is convinced that strong community building requires an understanding of inclusion and engagement, of female and male strategies, of introverts and extraverts, of the younger and the older generation.

Eva will also bring the latter to your audience through personal experience. Her life includes a previous corporate career, current startup venture building, a family with three children, and community engagement in cultural diversity. Eva's career will demonstrate that everything in life has its time. She is convinced that each of us can feel deep in our hearts when the time to act is right - and until then, be patient and confident that the present moment has value in itself.


Examples of keynote titles aimed at a broad audience:

> The biggest issues of our time: community building & sense of belonging.

> Building trust in the digital space

> The Business of Belonging - How community building is becoming a game changer

> It needs a village! - How we want to return to the physical-hyperlocal space in the digital-globalized world.

> AuthenTech - The future?

> From followership to engagement to mobilization - How to impact the real world with the help of digital platforms

> "Dark social" in the digital world - What do we have to know about it?

> Right here right now - How can real-time real-life communities be designed?


Examples of keynote titles aimed at a professional audience:

> From Marketer to Community Builder (Marketing Audience).

> The street festival "Carnival of Cultures" in Berlin and what we learn about pop-up stores and nomad stores (Retail and Local Search Audience)

> Next event design: The Fusion of entertainment, retail, hospitality, and education (MICE Audience)

> What comes after Google Maps? How to design a location-based digital social network (Design Audience)

> The 15-min-city-concept and how to ecosystemize neighborhoods (Urban planner audience)

> How to build the Localverse (futurist & innovator audience)

> How to startup (young entrepreneurs audience)

> What it really means to found a tech startup in Berlin and raise kids at the same time (Startup Audience)

> "Silence attracts life" - How entrepreneurship, silence, creativity, and femininity belong together (Entrepreneur Audience)

> A philosophical look at Silicon Valley (Startup Audience).

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Keynote on Inventing a real-world metaverse - How to build the LOCALVERSE?

In 2022 everyone talked about the metaverse. And now? What´s next? Is it a real-world metaverse that we should call the LOCALVERSE? What comes after Google Maps? Will digital map design merge with digital social networks and if so, what might be the design principles? How do influencers tell stories about local happenings and local brands? Might local print journalism join the party of digital map design? Eva Balmaks looks at location-based content from a fresh perspective and offers us idea-bouncing and inspiration.

This talk is in: English
The 15 Minute City: The European Perspective on the Human Centric Metaverse

Localogy Place is the industry-defining event in New York!

Exploring the Intersection of Digital and Place

Everyone's talking about the metaverse. What does it mean for local commerce?
Geo-anchored data will surround us and add new dimensions to places & products.

Be in the mix as THE leaders representing agencies, media companies, SaaS platforms, and franchise organizations convene on the future of commerce, real estate, data, and connection.

This talk is in: English
Wissen, was in deiner Umgebung geht
Video Thumbnail

Die Founders League ist das neue und interaktive Show-Format für junge Start-ups live auf Linkedin, Youtube und Twitch.

This talk is in: German