Esther Zahn

Main focus: Fashiontech Musictech Fashion

Website/blog: www.estherzahn.com

Languages: German

City: Berlin

Country: Germany

Topics: technology and culture, textile sensors, digital transformation, music & media, sensors, digital dj tools, fashion textile technology, interactive fashion, fashiontech, fashion


Esther is a Berlin-based fashion and e-textile designer. She gained an extensive experience in the area of FashionTech over the course of past years. For instance, she developed textile sensors to integrate and control music in garments. Moreover, she created garments with interwoven LED lights and textiles which glow in the dark or change their color when exposed to light or temperature. Her work was international acclaimed through exhibitions with the Goethe-Institute. Due to her specialization in the area of digital transformation of textiles and fashion, she was hired by renowned companies such as Siemens. The prestigious Bauhaus Dessau cooperated with Esther to develop a performance concept based on wireless communication. In 2016 Esther was honored for her achievements in innovation by the Association of German Engineers (VDI).