Dr. Monika De Frantz

Main focus: politik

Website/blog: http://monikadefrantz.wordpress.com/

Languages: German, English, French

City: Wien

Country: Austria

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Routledge Companion on Urban Regeneration

Monika De Frantz (2013) Culture-led urban regeneration: the discursive politics of institutional change. In: Mike Leary and John McCarthy (eds.) Routledge Companion to Urban Regeneration: Global Constraints, Local Opportunities, Routledge.

My book Capital City Cultures

De Frantz, Monika (2011) Capital City Cultures: Reconstructing Contemporary Europe in Vienna and Berlin (series ‘Multiple Europes’) P.I.E.-Peter Lang, Brussels et al. 265 pp., paperback. + ebook, ISBN 978-90-5201-739-6

University of Chicago European Conference

Monika De Frantz (2013) The Cosmopolitan Politics of Comparative Urbanism: a European Contribution. Mellon & Endeavour European Conference, University of Chicago, Paris, 5-7 Dec.


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List of Presentations

More than 45 public lectures and invited presentations in English and German at academic conferences, workshops, panel discussions and other public events

List of Publications

More than 70 publications of academic books, journals, chapters, reports, news media, conference papers