Dr. Kristina Eichel

Researcher and Systemic Therapist in Training

Main focus: Social Mindfulness

Languages: German, English

City: Berlin

Country: Germany

Topics: gender, meditation, diversity


I did my PhD in psychology on the neuroscientific mechanisms of mindfulness meditation and worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Brown University in the US. I love teaching and explaining my research to students and lay people.

I am interested in a critical perspective on the neuroscience of meditation , and on the clinical applications of MBSR and MBCT with a focus on diversity and adverse effects of meditation. I also study the effects of social aspects of mindfulness-based interventions.

Meanwhile, I am an active member in the Democracy in Europe Movement until 2025 ( DiEM25 ) for systemic changes to combat the climate crisis and fight for a Green New Deal for Europe.

I am a trained sexual counsellor as I see sexual education as part of social change towards collective liberation.

Currently, I am training to become a systemic therapist to work as a sex and couple therapist with focus on non-heteronormative relationships.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Achtsamkeit und Meditation in Schulen

Übersicht des einstündigen Vortrags:
Was ist Achtsamkeit, was ist Meditation?
Meta-Analyse zu Effekten von Meditation in Schule
Geschlechtsunterschiede (eigene Veröffentlichung)
Lehrer-Effekt (eigene Veröffentlichung)
Hype um Achtsamkeit - was steckt dahinter?
Das Problem der Sekularität - wie buddhistisch ist Meditation?
Nebenwirkung und Traumasensitive Ansätze von Meditation

This talk is in: German
Social Mindfulness

Questions addressed in this presentation and discussion:
How came Mindfulness to America?
What was lost in translation?
McMindfulness: How is Mindfulness related to the marketplace?
What is Social Mindfulness?
What is Sampajañña?

This talk is in: English