Dr. Kasia Greco

Main focus: Change Management & Female Leadership - How to combine "Transformational Leadership", "Sales Skills" and "Mompreneurs"

Website/blog: http://www.kasiagreco.com

Languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish

City: Wien

Country: Austria

Topics: female leadership, transformational leadership, change management, female entrepreneurship, working mom


As a business professional, author, speaker, wife and mother, Kasia brings to each audience her own story and perspective of being a woman who went after the dream of having it all.

Kasia will engage your audience of women and even men as she discusses and presents entertaining and thoughtful perspective on women balancing the attractions of modern life.

She will inspire and motivate her audiences with her compelling stories and solutions on the following topics:

#1 MomsUCan: The Perfect Guide to Blackberry and Diapers

Based on her best-selling book MomsUCan, Kasia addresses today’s modern woman and the enticing appeal that she can do it all from career, family and success. Kasia speaks from her own experience and her research and addresses these ideals. She speaks the truth that it is not as simple as perceived and discusses how women are stressed beyond normal as they try to achieve success in every realm of their lives.

Kasia now speaks to her audiences all over the world challenging some of the misconceptions and giving women and men the tools and the sound advice to help them navigate the tumultuous seas of perceived success.

#2 Female Tude: Women’s New Role in Business and Within Families”

Is dealing with the family a business problem or simply a female challenge? Why does it seem that men’s careers are at risk and women’s careers rarely the focus of risk even when women are the ones who deal with maternity leave and family care? Is it bad to seek a career and to stay at home for women? Why is this notion portrayed in this way? Are all family concerns a women’s concern alone? Kasia address many of the misconceptions in our society when it comes to a woman’s role in the family and career options. She will touch on sensitive areas that affect women, men and employers. She will thoughtfully address these concerns and provide insights and solutions which are often overlooked in the emotional reactions that often come with this topic.

#3 “High Heel Leadership Style”

Did you know that women have now surpassed men as the dominant buying power in our society? Not only in purchasing, but many women are now taking over in their professions as the boss. This change brings along a variety of challenges but whether you are a corporate executive or an entrepreneur, women are taking the lead and affecting the economic realities of industry. How do we assist women in leadership to be empowered and equipped to lead well and with wisdom?

Kasia will discuss these trends in business and will offer researched, insightful commentary and action points for women as they step out of the supporting role and take the lead in the workplace.

#4 “Successful Selling Today” – it is more than B2B and B2C – it is P2P!

While people in sales have become more astute and subtle, so has the target market. In this economy, a successful salesperson is one who takes charge of their success. Whether in a corner office or growing your own business, selling is an entrepreneurial endeavor and Kasia will show you how you can create a powerful selling approach by selling your products and services in a more subtle and refined manner. The Traditional ways of selling have been effective, but today’s more knowledgeable and astute buyer requires more motivational approach to sales.

Let Kasia equip you with the right psychological approach to sell your way into success by approach the most dominate buyer these days, the woman.

#5 UNSTUCK: Put on Your High Heels, Walk Out There and WIN!

What happens when you hit the wall. Whether it is the wall of your career, your position or situation, everyone who seeks to advance and excel will at some time in their career and life, hit the wall and feel like they are stuck. Kasia attacks the mindsets and misconception that often leave us stuck and sidelined. In this presentation your audience will come alive as they learn to get unstuck and overcome the wall.
Kasia will reveal clear understanding of why this happens and provide key steps to help you put your high heels back on, get up and go out to win. Based on her upcoming new book, this is a presentation for men and women alike who find themselves stuck in their career paths and need some guidance on how to overcome.

You will leave with clear tools for change, a renewed perspective of your situation and key action items for getting unstuck.

Book Kasia today! Kasia will lead her audience members to address their goals, aspirations and realizations of having it all. Kasia will provide key solutions such as:

* Effective approaches in your workplace for women dealing with these issues.
* Creative options and messaging for employers and employees to considered effective and practical options.
* Methods for addressing these topics
* Options for companies and teams when encountering these concerns.

Kasia will help you resolve some of the nagging issues in your company on these matters. She will do this with heart as well as sound information. She’ll use her own life and share stories that are proven to make you laugh and learn.

Kasia Greco is an energetic and compelling speaker. She will ignite your audience with her dynamic insights and own stories of transition through the expectations of women in the workplace and in the home.

She is a best-selling author, speaker and business professional who will inspire your audience’s hearts and challenge their thoughts about the status quo. She is entertaining and inspirational for your next event or conference, she will captivate both men and women.

Kasia has delivered her message to many organizations and companies including: IMS Health, the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, The European Diversity in Business Congress, Accenture and many more.

Book Kasia today at: office@kasiagreco.com or call directly +43(0)664 5048971 and ask for Kasia Greco!