Dr. Corinna-Rosa Falkenberg

Main focus: Dr. Corinna-Rosa Falkenberg

Website/blog: http://www.corinna-rosa.com

Languages: German, English, French

City: Munich

Country: Germany

Topics: venture capital, social responsibility, new work, holacracy, consciousness leadership, m&a, sustainability


# Currently advising a large cooperation in the Mobility sector (incl. smart cities/ Mobility 4.0) in the digital transformation process as M&A project lead, business developer as well as strategic partnership creator.
# Continuous socialpolitical sector engagement as e.g. current NGO Founder and Head of Stella Enabling Education & former Co-Implementor of the United Nations World Water Assessment Program.
# Ongoing Consciousness Leadership engagement as a certified Naturopath, active Consciousness & Mindfulness Adviser as well as Co-Founder of the Siemens internal holacratic "Grow to Glow" network initiative.
# Speaker for the following topics: M&A, Venture Capital, Consciousness Leadership, Social Responsibility, Sustainability, New Work, Holacracy
# Creative expression through photography, painting & writing.