Dr. Christiane Fröhlich (she/her)

Research Fellow

Main focus: Climate and Forced Migration

Twitter handle: @PolitKonflkt

Website/blog: www.christianefroehlich.de

Languages: German, English

City: Hamburg

Country: Germany

Services: Talk, Moderation, Workshop management, Consulting, Coaching, Interview

  Willing to travel for an event.

  Willing to talk for nonprofit.


Christiane Fröhlich researches human mobility within and from the Global South at the GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies in Hamburg. She is particularly interested in understandings of migration/mobility as ‚critical‘ in different socio-political contexts and in the interactions between people on the move and actors trying to control such movement. She approaches her respective research questions from a critical, post/decolonial perspective. Her regional focus is mainly on the Middle East (Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel/Palestine, Turkey), where she has conducted extensive field research, but she is also engaged in cross-regional comparative projects, including the EU-funded consortium „Migration Governance and Asylum Crises (MAGYC)„, in which she leads a work package on „Comparing Crises. Lessons from «migration crises» in North Africa, the Middle East and the Greater Horn of Africa.“ Fröhlich holds a PhD from the Center for Conflict Studies at Marburg University, a Master in Peace and Security Studies from Hamburg University, and an M.A. in English language, literature and culture, contemporary history and psychology from Hamburg and Warwick Universities.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:


In the Climate Chats Podcast, we speak about sustainable development and climate change, including climate management and health. We invite researchers, policy-makers, activists and practitioners from all around the world to share their expertise and practice in short conversations. Climate Chats is a podcast series by the Research and Transfer Centre "Sustainability and Climate Change Management" at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, hosted on Podigee.

This talk is in: English

November 2019, Workshop Zukünfte der Mobilität, Futurium Berlin. Ganztägiger Workshop zu verschiedenen Mobilitätsformen der Zukunft zur Vorbereitung eines neuen Ausstellungsteils.

This talk is in: German
Workshop-Präsentation und Organisatorin

August 2019. Workshop „Environmental Crises as Economic, Political and Social Crises“. Finanziert durch die Leibniz Forschungsallianz „Krisen in einer globalisierten Welt“, Georg-Eckert-Institute, Braunschweig. Mitorganisatorin und Präsentation zum Thema "Migration im Anthropozän".

This talk is in: English

Juni 2019. EuroMeSCo Annual Conference 2019 „Civil Society and Social Movements in the Euro-Mediterranean Region". In diesem Rahmen Kick-off meeting der EuroMeSCo Arbeitsgruppe „Water Security in the Middle East" in Barcelona, Spanien. Autorin eines Kapitels zu "Desecuritization of Water". Präsentation der Kapitelplanung, Methodik und Ziele.

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