Dr. Anne Graefer

Main focus: Gender & Diversity in Tech

Twitter handle: @AnneGraefer

Websites/blogs: https://www.genderiq.de/ , http://bcu.academia.edu/AnneGraefer

Languages: German, English

City: Munich

Country: Germany

Topics: unconsious bias, emotions, gender, diversity for leaders

Services: Talk, Moderation, Workshop management, Consulting, Coaching, Interview

  Willing to travel for an event.


Hi, I am Dr. Anne Graefer. I am the founder of GenderIQ, a gender & diversity consultancy based in Munich, Germany. We are working mainly with Startups, illustrating how diversity and inclusion can help them succeed. My background is in academia. For over ten years I have been teaching and researching gender and digital cultures at UK Universities. My research focus on the emotional quality of digital media and is published in two books and numerous peer reviewed academic journal articles.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Spotting Mindbugs: Why learning about Unconscious Bias leads to better Decisions

This talk is a short introduction to unconscious bias. Dr. Anne Graefer explains what unconscious bias is, why we all have bias and how it influences your decision-making - even when we think we are fair and objective. In the last step, we’ll look at some effective anti-bias strategies that can be helpful if you seek to reduce bias. Anne’s research on stereotypes and prejudices has been published in two books and several articles in esteemed academic journals

This talk is in: English
Unconscious Bias in Research & Science: How Bias holds us back

One of the guiding principles of scientific inquiry is objectivity. Objectivity is defined as the idea that scientific questions, methods and results should not be affected by the personal values, interests or perspectives of researchers. However, science is a human endeavour, and experimental design and analysis of information are products of human thought processes. As a result, biases may be inadvertently introduced into scientific
processes or conclusions. This talk explores the multiple points that invite bias during scientific research.

This talk is in: English
Die versteckten Kosten von Unconscious Bias

Der Vortrag dient als Einstieg in das komplexe Thema 'Unconscious Bias' und zielt darauf ab, Mitarbeitenden auf dieses Thema neugierig zu machen. Im Vortrag klären wir, wie Unconscious Bias entsteht, welche Arten von Unconscious Bias im Arbeitsumfeld häufig auftreten und warum wir besonders unfair sind, wenn wir es nicht erwarten. Der interaktive Vortrag endet mit 6 effektiven Anti-Bias Strategien, die helfen könne Bias zu reduzieren.

This talk is in: German
Fearless Culture Podcast: Masculinity at work

Ein Gespräch mit Dr. Anne Graefer, Wissenschaftlerin, Beraterin für Gender und Inklusion und die Gründerin von Gender IQ über das traditionelle Frauenbild in Deutschland, den Mythos der Rabenmutter und die neue Re-Traditionalisierung zur glamourösen #Hausfrau. Welchen Einfluss diese Stereotypen auf die Wirtschaft und iher Entwicklung haben, was es bedeutet Mann zu sein, Masculinity und die gesellschaftliche Überforderung über die binäre Ordnung hinauszublicken.

This talk is in: German
Managing Working Women’s Double Burden

Exploring how the double burden of working women creates a balancing act that affects many areas of life, including mental and physical health, as well as equality.

This talk is in: English
How Diversity and Inclusion help Startups succeed

“Beyond the obvious excitement of building a new product or service from scratch, startup founders have another incredible opportunity: to define and create a new company culture from the ground up” (Alice Sandelson 2021). In this talk Anne shares knowledge, insight, and best-practice for founders to build diverse and inclusive businesses.

● Understand why diversity and inclusion is important to your startup
● How to make your startup more inclusive at any stage
● What training and development bring to the table

This talk is in: English