Dr. Alina Gales

Chief of Staff for SVP & diversity lead

Main focus: diversity & digitalization

Website/blog: www.dr-alina-gales.com

Languages: English, German

City: München

Country: Germany

Topics: gender equality, diversity in technology, diversity equity and inclusion, diversity in ai, discrimination in ai

Services: Talk, Moderation, Consulting, Interview

  Willing to travel for an event.

  Willing to talk for nonprofit.

Personal note:

giving talks, keynotes and presentations | leading workshops, lectures and seminars | sitting on and hosting panel discussions | giving interviews on the intersections of diversity, discrimination and digitalization
diversity management | social implications and discriminations through Artificial Intelligence | women in tech / STEM / entrepreneurship | the relationship of gender, tech and society | stereotypes and biases | diversity-equity-inclusion-belonging (DEIB) in general

for diversity awareness by publishing a weekly newsletter with recent articles, podcasts, studies, papers, reports, movies, digital tools, guidelines, and more, related to DEIB


My work revolves around the intersections of diversity, discrimination and digitalization (>ddd<): in my position as Chief of Staff and diversity lead for the Senior Vice President for Talent Management & Diversity at the European Union's no.1 academic institution, the Technical University of Munich (TUM), I implement strategic activities to advance TUM to an even more diverse and inclusive university and workplace. Through my public speaking engagements and my newsletter, I see myself as an advocate for raising awareness on the social implications at the intersections of >ddd<, with a focus on Artificial Intelligence. I completed my PhD in Gender Studies in Engineering & Science at the TUM during which I was a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley in the USA.
--> If you are looking for an expert on topics related to >ddd< to speak to audiences in corporate, higher education and civil society organizations, feel free to reach out!

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Women in STEM Round Table
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This talk is in: English