Dajana Günther

Main focus: People Person

Twitter handle: @dajanaguenther

Website/blog: https://about.me/DajanaGuenther

Languages: German, English

City: Berlin

Country: Germany

Topics: communication, empathy, community management, teambuilding, management, mediation, event management


Dajana is CEO of Trifork Germany and conference manager for the GOTO Berlin conference. She organises international conferences and events, such as GOTO Berlin and Scala Days, on a daily basis. Dajana is a trained Systems Engineer, Mediator, has a master's degree in Adult Education and studied educational science and psychology. In her free time, she is part of the non-profit association Ruby Berlin e.V., which promotes the programming language Ruby through various projects, and she mentors new community conference organizers. Dajana strongly believes in sharing knowledge and supporting people.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Cultivating Empathy

When considering how to design products, teams, or even common every day household objects, empathy doesn't end up on the required features list. Yet, without empathy, teams with enormous technical skills can fail in their quest to deliver quality products to their users. Incredible projects fail to create communities because they don't exercise it. Fail at empathy, and your chances of failing at everything sky-rockets. Contrary to what you may have heard, empathy is not something you're innately born with - it's a skill that can be learned, cultivated, refined and taught to others. In this presentation, your lovely co-speakers will discuss the value of empathy, how you can cultivate it in yourself and your organizational culture, and conclude with concrete steps for levelling up in your interactions with your fellow human beings.