Cornelia Stolze

Main focus: How to avoid dementia

Twitter handle: @CorneliaStolze


Languages: German, English, French, Spanish

City: Hamburg

Country: Germany


As a Science Journalist, Medical Writer and trained biologist I've been working for various newspapers and magazines in Germany, Switzerland and the USA such as Süddeutsche Zeitung, Die Zeit, Stern, Wirtschaftswoche, Spiegel Online, Time Magazin, San Francisco Chronicle, Facts und Tagesanzeiger. In my first book "Vergiss Alzheimer!", published in 2011, I uncovered how renowned scientists, psychiatrists and several companies of the pharmaceutical industry deceive the public with wrong information about the phenomenon of dementia - in order to make big money.
I took part in several Talk-Shows in Germany and Austria , for example hart aber fair (ARD), Reinhold Beckmann (ARD), Talk im Hangar (Servus-TV). I give a lot of talks about the topics in my books. In fact, the need for reliable and independent education on dementia is huge. The fear of Alzheimer's disease is ubiquitous and most of the available information so far is influenced and blurred by the interests of the pharmaceutical industry. The good news is: Whoever knows the true causes and triggers of disturbances of memory, confusion or hallucinations, can be untroubled by dementia and stay mentally fit up to a very old age.

Examples of previous talks / appearances: