Cornelia Rémi

My bio:

My academic home is the study of German and Scandinavian literatures - I am teaching and doing research at LMU Munich. I love adventures that challenge you to enter new worlds of thinking, expose yourself to the unknown, take risks and discover exciting new things.

Curiosity is always tickling me, and I am particularly interested in the strategies, models and techniques we use to structure the confusing, infinitely complex abundance of the world around us, to fill it with sense and deal with it - by reading, writing and talking to each other, be it using words and stories or using images and pictures. So far I have explored these questions by analyzing objects as different as contemporary wimmelbooks, early modern emblems and spiritual poetry or secrets in 19th-century fictional narratives.

I am not confined to academia and the humanities in particular: I have already collaborated with and spoken to (and with!) clinical pharmacists and representatives of other sciences and technical subject areas, to future reading educators and to children and young adults.

Examples of previous talks / appearances: