Corinna Vorreiter

Senior Digital Marketing Manager SEO

Main focus: International SEO

Twitter handle: @MsGriessbrei

Websites/blogs: ,

Languages: German, English, French, Spanish

City: Berlin

State: Berlin

Country: Germany

Topics: wordpress, digital marketing, seo, consulting, ecommerce, international seo, technical seo, shopify, agency

Services: Talk, Workshop management, Consulting, Coaching, Interview

  Willing to travel for an event.

  Willing to talk for nonprofit.

Personal note:

SEO since 2017. At WEVENTURE I take care of the SEO goals of large and small clients and find it especially exciting to solve many different problems and see how different companies tick. Before that, I gained almost two years of experience in e-commerce at /

Since I speak not only German but also French, Spanish and English and have lived, worked and studied in Australia, Mexico and France, international SEO is - naturally - one of my favorite topics.


Work Experience:

Since 02/2021: Senior Digital Marketing Manager SEO at WEVENTURE GmbH

Responsibility for the holistic support of customers in all SEO aspects.

08/2019-01/2021: Digital Marketing Manager SEO at WEVENTURE GmbH

Holistic support of SEO projects

01/2019-08/2019: International SEO Manager at Geschenkidee D&A GmbH

01/2018-12/2018: Junior International SEO Manager at Geschenkidee D&A GmbH

08/2017-12/2017: Junior SEO Manager at Magine TV


2012-2017 - Bachelor in International Business (Pforzheim University).

2015-2017 - Master in Web Marketing (ESSCA Angers)

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

A brief relaunch story – from spam pages to search intent

Our client Shoepassion moved their nine domains from Magento to Shopify + WordPress in March/April 2022. I'll give you an insight into the project and the successful relaunch. As a legacy, we had to contend with hundreds of "SEO" sites that were created 10-15 years ago. Here we needed to eliminate, consolidate and move away from keyword stuffing to search intent & meaningful keywords.

This talk is in: English
Case Study - Mit Breitling um die Welt

Der Luxus-Uhrenhersteller Breitling ist in 130 Ländern in insgesamt elf Sprachen vertreten. Dieser Umstand erfordert nicht nur korrekte Übersetzungen und hreflang-Tags, sondern auch den überlegten Umgang mit lokalen Währungen, Versandbedingungen, Uhr-Modellen und Kaufoptionen.

Das Ziel? Den Nutzer auf die richtige Land-Sprache-Kombination zu bringen!

Die Herausforderungen? URL- und Seitenstrukturen aus der Vergangenheit, Backlinks auf die Root-Domain, ein überproportional starkes US-amerikanisches Verzeichnis, zum Teil fehlende Übersetzungen und Uhr-Launches, die das Crawlen und Indexieren vor der Konkurrenz voraussetzen.

This talk is in: German