Christina Rahtgens

Main focus: Executional excellence

Twitter handle: @crahtgens


Languages: German, English

City: Hamburg

Country: Germany

Topics: ai


Originally an economist, researcher and knowledge manager, she is now responsible for the program management tool RBpoint at Roland Berger. She sells, designs and implements this very successful tool at clients, helping them deal with the implemtation aspect of their change projects. Christina also loves social media, and has invested some of her time in making sure Roland Berger reaps the benefits of these channels externally as well as internally. She made sure, that the Roland Berger intranet is a truly social place and is responsible for the ongoing change management process. Christina studied economics at the universities of Hamburg and Amsterdam. A mother of two daughters, she is also a passionate reader.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

How to keep your social intranet successful

An intranet can only be successful if centered on the specific needs of the employees. It is paramount to fully understand relevant use cases and build intranet structures along the key needs. If done so, the employees easily grasp the "What's in it for me?" and raising adoption is not a fight but a flow. If you convince your colleagues, they feel as promoters and ambassadors of the new intranet, talk about its features and benefits and thus convince others to join in.

Keynote: Den Nutzer ins Zentrum stellen – ein Social Intranet für Roland Berger Strategy Consultants

- Use cases – "What's in it for me"
- Marketing – "It takes you to complete it"
- Adoption – "Two years of lessons learnt"

The secret behind a quick and successful intranet relaunch

The Roland Berger intranet was to be a truly social place.
This talk details the relaunch process and the internal marketing campaign. It also explains, how the intranet is built around the needs and realities of its users
and describes the ongoing change management process.

The Roland Berger Social Intranet

Ein schneller erfolgreicher Relaunch mit dem Adoption Framework

Praxisbeispiel Roland Berger: ein „Social Intranet“ im Zeitraffer

Ein Intranet ist heute nicht länger nur eine elektronische Mitarbeiterzeitschrift oder ein Nachschlagewerk, sondern effektives Arbeitsinstrument auf dem Weg zu effektiver Koordination von Forschung & Entwicklung, einer weltweit vernetzten Zusammenarbeit, mehr Innovationskraft und schnelleren Produkteinführungszyklen. ‚Industrie 4.0‘ bedeutet nicht nur, Maschinen zu vernetzen, sondern auch die klügsten Köpfe. Der Vortrag berichtet vom Vorgehen, das ein ‚Social Intranet‘ bei Roland Berger zum nachhaltigen Erfolg geführt hat, resümiert die Nutzungserfahrungen der ersten Jahre und präsentiert eine Einführungsmethode, die auch in produzierenden Betrieben wirkt.

Executional excellence

Companies tackle one change initiative per year and company. Change and change management are considered very important by most CEOs. Executional excellence is even the number one challenge facing corporate leaders.
But despite all efforts projects often don't work, for well-known reasons. Studies have found that 2/3 to 3/4 of large organizations struggle implementing their strategies. This is where consultants help with outside perspectives and proven toolboxes.
Rahtgens and Hoecherl offer a glimpse to the Roland Berger project management approach consisting of six modules.
This pragmatic approach helps avoiding the common implementation pitfalls, it includes a proven PMO-tool which monitors and supervises all project implementation steps.
A comprehensive list of Do's and Don'ts for project managers concludes this session.